Who do we help?

We specialise in helping clients who are planning or making choices about their retirement. With the new legislation being implemented in April 2015 allowing unlimited access to money purchase pension plans we feel that advising clients at the point of making retirement decisions is both extremely rewarding and valuable and it is this that we ultimately specialise in.

To us, the new pension freedoms are exciting but also worrying as without proper financial advice it can be all too easy to run out of money or to face the large tax charges that can affect retirees should they opt for the wrong decision.

We will help you look at what income and lump sums that you may need in retirement against any current or likely income that is due to start. We can then assess any shortfalls and attempt to use any pensions available to meet these shortfalls with a range of pension income options. We will use state of the art cash flow tools to show you in vivid detail how your money will react to certain life stages and will make cautious assumptions to ensure as best as possible that you are able to live out your retirement dreams as much as possible without the worry of running out of money.

Retirement planning is not just about pensions however, with Investments, Savings and the possible need for Equity Release possible to help fund a happy retirement, we ensure that all options are investigated, utilised and projected to ensure you know understand how your retirement years may be spent and how your money will react to your changing retirement lifestyle.

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