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Pensions and means tested benefits

Pension flexibility and Benefit entitlement As of April 2015, if you are aged 55 or over you will have more flexibility about what you do with your Defined Contribution pension. This is where you build up a pot of money rather than the right to a pension. Your options are: Do nothing and defer the Read more


Equity Release – Good or Bad?

Equity release is a term that used to make most of the public shake their head and refuse to discuss at it’s sheer mention, let alone think about actually taking a plan out. However, times have changed and plans have moved on. Advances such as protected equity guarantee mean that you can protect a percentage of Read more


Who are we ?

Reynolds Wealth Management are a Chartered firm of financial planners who specialise in helping clients planning for or at the point of making their retirement decisions. This means we have satisfied rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications and ethical good practice. It means you can be confident that you are dealing with one of the Read more


Who do we help?

We specialise in helping clients who are planning or making choices about their retirement. With the new legislation being implemented in April 2015 allowing unlimited access to money purchase pension plans we feel that advising clients at the point of making retirement decisions is both extremely rewarding and valuable and it is this that we Read more


Final Salary Scheme’s

A recent article in an industry publication indicated that as April approaches there may be a “bottle neck” of clients looking to exit their Final salary Pension Scheme in favour of a transfer to a Personal Pension to take advantage of the new Pension Freedoms that start in April 2015. The bottle neck will be Read more


Pension Freedoms 2015

Flexibility of access to pensions from age 55 From April 2015, pension Investors aged 55, (or 10 years below the State Pension Age (SPA) as the SPA increases), will have increased flexibility as to how they access their defined contribution pension benefits. The different options that will be available are outlined below: Buy an annuity, Read more

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Proud to be Chartered Financial Planners

We have recently been awarded the prestigious Chartered Financial Planners designation by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). This is the industry’s gold standard for firms of financial planners. It confirms that we have satisfied rigorous qualification criteria by retaining highly-qualified staff who subscribe to the membership conditions of the CII. It also involves a commitment to continuing professional development Read more

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Chartered Financial Planner Status

Hot on the back of becoming a Certified financial planner, I have now been given the highly prestigious Chartered Financial planner title, issued by the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) This means that I am one of a very small percentage of financial advisers in the UK that hold both, Chartered and Certified status. What does Read more

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Certified Financial Planner

I have pleasure in announcing that I have completed the CFP financial planning process provided by the Institute of Financial Planners (IFP) and have now been awarded Certified Financial Planner status.   The process enabled me to demonstrate my understanding of the financial planning process in response to a detailed client fact-find. The certification has Read more

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Commercial Property SIPP – Viable Solution?

The problem – the client is a self-employed businessman renting his unit on a flexible lease. He has pensionable income of £100,000 in the tax year. The landlord is now looking to sell the building and has given the client first refusal to buy it at a value of £300,000 plus VAT. He has around Read more