Advice on Care

Fotolia_32041322_XSAs most people needing residential care will be expected to pay something towards the costs of their accommodation and personal care from their income and capital, it is imperative to have a plan to see exactly how you can achieve this.

Whilst it is possible to gain assistance from the local authority and even the NHS should the primary reason for care being health, a large portion of the UK will have to pay for all or a portion of their care fees.

As advisers we can give you advice on care fee planning and formulate a plan to help you meet your care fees should you be deemed by the local authority to have to meet your care fees in full.

The main worry people have is, “will my money run out” and whether they will have to move to a cheaper care home or alternatively have to ask their closest relations to help out with fees as a top up to any local authority help. Another worry is that of providing an inheritance to loved ones, this is almost as big a priority as providing for one’s own care for some people.

We follow a strict process liaising with family members and powers of attorney (and Lasting) to ensure that we look at your current provision, current circumstances and requirements before putting together a plan of action to give you peace of mind at a stage of your life when worry shouldn’t be a word you need to use.

Plans that can help

  • Unvested pension plans
  • Annuities
  • Purchased Life Annuities
  • Equity Release Plans
  • Savings and Investments

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