Pre-Retirement – When to Retire…

When to Retire? – The choice is yours, but you need a plan and better than that you need to stick to it. 

If we want to live a long and happy retirement it is becoming obvious that we cannot rely on the state pension to do this. Whilst the state pension is a welcome and important income, the age in which it is open to change with people who want to retire before this having to do so from their own resources.

Retirement planning is more than just pensions, investments and property, they are merely the vehicles in which we invest to gain a return, the important factor in all financial advice is the financial plan.

Questions such as:

  • When do you want to retire?
  • How much income do you want in todays terms?
  • What do you want to achieve in retirement, what are your dreams and goals?

Only when we know what you want to achieve in retirement do we look at the investment vehicles in which to get you there. Your goals are important and it is these goals that will make planning for them a lot easier.

At Reynolds Wealth, we look at your aspirations in retirement, deduct the wealth you already have and use our Wealth Management Service to investigate based on realistic assumptions how we can best get you there taking into account your deemed Attitude to Investment risk and Capacity for loss.

Once set up the plan is regularly reviewed to ensure that you stay on track right up to the day your 30 year holiday begins…..

To see how this process is dealt with in a client scenario, see our client case study below

Pension Accumulation Case Study