How We Can Help

As fully Independent Financial Advisers, we can obviously advise on any area of Financial Planning. However we like to think we can add value to a client in 5 main areas: (Below is a brief synopsis, click heading or main page for details)

Pre Retirement Years

This is time to ensure that you are doing everything you can to build up a pension pot large enough to satisfy your objectives and dreams in retirement. Whether it be company or personal pension planning we can help build a portfolio of plans to ensure that you live well in your later years. Remember though that retirement planning is more than just pensions, ISA’s and other investments can help fund a happy retirement…..

At Retirement

This is the time that all the hard work pays off….but does it? We help identify what you would like to do in retirement, not just need to do. Retirement is more than jut existing, you have worked and saved long and hard so should no bear the fruits or this of efford. We can help you maximise your retirement income with various products at our disposal, but products are purely the vehicle to make it happen, the key is the planning…..

Investment Planning

Many of us have investments, whether it be simple vehicles like ISA’s or deposit bonds, to Collectived and Offshore Investment Bonds, they are a common part of Financial Planning. However, do you keep up to date with them? Would you know where they are invested if asked? If not, perhaps a review meeting would be worthwhile to see if your existing investments still meet your objectives and more importantly your Risk Profile…….

Trust Planning & IHT

Nobody likes paying tax, but see it as a necessary way of funding government spending, However Inheritance Tax is perhaps the most disliked tax as it is a tax on death for those who have generally saved well and have large value assets. We have ways of mitigating Inheritance Tax by planning ahead and utilising allowances given by HMRC. The use of Trusts is also prevelant in IHT planning, but as these are complex, they are generaly for the more sophisticated investor….

Company Pensions

We offer a bespoke service to Employers concerning company pensions and auto enrolment where we look to assess a businesses readiness for the new legislation and possible effect this could have on profitability going forwards. We can conduct a thorough analysis of existing pension schemes and what action is necessary, if any, to make them compliant with the new “qualifying workplace pension rules”