Wealth Management Service

Should we feel after the initial meeting that you require a more structured advice process, we will normally follow the structure below which we call the Wealth Management Service.


The discovery meeting, enables us to document and analyse your current circumstances and objectives, conduct an attitude to risk review and presentation, followed by our initial findings and suggestions. This is a very important stage and is crucial in ensuring that the plan is correctly built. It may be necessary to gain details from your existing wealth providers to enable us to take account of these in the plan.

Financial Plan

All of the information is then keyed into the Dynamic Planner software and a forecast is calculated with an allowance made for inflation for the term to retirement and beyond. We then build in a conservative investment growth depending on the investments held and forecast what the potential result is at a defined age. This helps you to understand if there needs to be any action taken to reach your goal or to simply confirm you are on the right track. The plan will enable us to see what you need to do to perhaps retire early, clear your mortgage or simply give you peace of mind that your life goals are in hand.


Once we have completed the financial plan, we will document the findings in a report. This report, called a Suitability letter with highlight shortfalls, risk warnings, solutions and recommendations if applicable. The report will be written in a format to ensure that you understand exactly what we are doing for you and why it is necessary, however it may be that no action is necessary and that the report simply re-enforces the position that you are in. Should the above plan identify a need or shortfall in your planning and you agree with our recommendation to rectify it, you will move on to the final part of the plan which is implemnting it.


Should the financial plan include recommendations to purchase or transfer a product, we will implement the necessary recommendation and carry out any paperwork, application and documentation that is necessary. You will be fully up to date with proceedings from start to finish with all pre and post sale documentation neatly secured in your presentation folder.

Ongoing reviews

It is generally advisable to review the financial plan at least yearly to monitor continued suitability and to update you on the plan and any changes that may be required. However, it also serves as a good way to meet you again to discuss any changes in your life or objectives that may need to be discussed and if applicable built into the plan.

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