Our Process

Initial Meeting

The process will start with an initial meeting at our office, which introduces you to our company and service and allows us to get to know you and your circumstances a little better and to see if we think we can help you going forward. The cost of this is met by us and there is no time limit on the meeting. Future work will be payable by a fee and will be discussed at the end of the first meeting and will be presented in the form of a fee agreement, before any chargeable work commences, giving peace of mind that you will only be charged for a service that you require and see value in. It is after this meeting that you will generally fit into one of two categories

Financial Planning

Clients that we feel require a more bespoke financial solution as well as ongoing advive will generally be placed on our Wealth Management Service which is discussed further HERE

Transactional Client

There will be some clients that have a clear objective in mind that they need advice and assistance with, that does not fit into the above process, examples of these are:

  • Annuity Purchase
  • Pension Transfer
  • Equity Release
  • Protection
  • ISA Investment

Once we have had a chance to speak with you at the Initial meeting, it will quickly become clear which catergory suits you best. If we feel you will need more of a transactional type of service, you will receive all of the same process of the Wealth Management Service, but without the Financial Plan and Ongoing Reviews.

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